At Restaurant Wisma Leuser Sibayak,

we want you to feel like home. As we are a family running business we are committed to serving you amazing food at great prices. Experience the friendly and inviting atmosphere while you dine on some of the dishes. You can expect a menu offering a large variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. If you have questions about the menu dont be afraid to ask. Our restaurant offers a lot of seating, wifi connection and nice location next to the river.

Open daily from early morning to late evening.

  • Gado gado

    Gado gado & Vegetable omelette tomato and cheese

    Gado gado & Vegetable omelette tomato and cheese
  • Restaurant
  • Vegetable Cake

    Vegetable Cake

    Vegetable cake
  • Restaurant
  • Chicken sate with rice

    Chicken sate with rice

  • Restaurant

Menu Card

White coffee
Hot chocolate milk
Lemon tea
Lemon tea with ginger and honey

Ice tea                 
Ice coffee                          
Ice nescafe                       
Ice capuccino                   
Ice white coffee                             
Ice milk                               
Cold chocolate milk                       
Lemon ice tea

Small water
Big water

Cola zero
The bottle
Soda water
Pulpy orange

Beer bintang
Beer anker

Orange juice
Lemon juice
Banana juice
Pineapple juice
Watermelon juice
Papaya lemon juice|
Passion fruit juice
Pineapple passion juice
Mix fruit juice
Carrot and orange juice
Cucumber juice
Tomato juice
Terong belanda juice
Terong belanda and passion fruit juice
Avocado juice

Banana milkshake
Papaya milkshake
Watermelon milkshake
Banana papaya milkshake
Chocolate milkshake
Avocado milkshake